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Lifestyle changes are an important part of all recovery. From mood disorders to addictions, eating disorders to trauma, living in recovery means changing the way you live. Proven methods like meditation, mindfulness, and exercise are part of a lifestyle change that will positively contribute to positive changes. Extensive amounts of research have proven that diet is closely related to mental health. The brain and the gut, that is the brain and the microbiome, are closely related to the point where some professionals argue we might think more with our stomachs than we do with our minds. Making changes in lifestyle like diet and exercise is essential for recovery, but are not the only components of recovery. Though symptoms of mental health disorders do include physical symptoms and taking care of physical health is important, the mental health is the primary component. For eating disorders like binge eating disorder, solely focusing recovery on the food and body aspect could be damaging. Behind binge eating disorder is a deeply complex mental health condition, seeking comfort and coping through an excess consumption of food.

Brain studies have found that binge eating disorder isn’t 100% voluntary. There are chemicals imbalanced and wires crossed in the brain that disconnect the relationship between the gut and the brain. Without an “off switch” someone with binge eating disorder can continue to to consume high amounts of food, overriding their natural warning signs that they are full, or even over-full. Physical health complications and threats are common with binge eating disorder. Equally as toxic is the shame and guilt that comes with the experience of feeling out of control in one’s eating. Dietary changes are helpful for building new habits and routines, but the innumerable mental experiences that contribute to, as well as caused by, binge eating disorder have to be thoroughly examined. Through therapy, treatment, and lifestyle changes, binge eating disorder can be eradicated. Recovery is possible.

The Guest House Ocala is a private residential treatment program offering the highest level of concierge care to create a fully customized program for healing. Specializing in traumas and related addictions as well as mental health, life at the estate offers you a chance to begin again.

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