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klonopinAbuse of substances is not always obvious at first to loved ones. Eventually, the signs emerge that give an indication something is not right. Medication like Klonopin is prescribed by a doctor. Abuse of this drug can cause many behavioral changes, along with emotional shifts. The side effects may take time but eventually will be more obvious to others when they know what to watch for. Learn more about how Klonopin abuse looks and ways to mitigate the issues people face in recovery.


Disruptive Urges

One of the more harrowing signs of abuse can creep up on people who use substances, especially prescription drugs. They, or their loved ones, may deny the use has gotten out of hand. One way to know is to either ask or notice whether they have consistent cravings or urges to use the drug. Their mind may constantly think about ways to use it, how to obtain it from a doctor when they run out, and cravings to use it day and night. It can be disruptive to sleep, and eventually their life, to want this drug more and more. With the use of Klonopin, they may talk or joke about wanting to use, but feeding the cravings only makes it seem more severe. 


Withdrawal Signs

Anyone who becomes dependent on drugs will eventually exhibit withdrawal signs and symptoms. This may happen if they run out of the drug and cannot get more right away or if they are using a big dose and need to reduce the amount when the body is used to the higher amount through tolerance. Signs and symptoms of withdrawal can include both physical and psychological aspects such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Headaches
  • Lack of concentration
  • Sweating


These behavioral changes and shifts can include more serious complications, including convulsions, psychosis, and seizure activity. 


Loss of Control

Drug use can happen to anyone but it can manifest in much the same way in people overall with a loss of control. Even when people think they can stop anytime they want or that drugs do not control them, think again. Drugs hijack the brain and body. This is a big sign the drugs are in control and will make the person seek it out more often, at higher doses, use for longer, and perpetually act like they can handle it but, in reality, they will consume larger amounts than they planned and need support to quit. 


Treatment Options

Prescription medication abuse usually requires some type of detox. A person who is dependent on it will experience withdrawal symptoms when it is taken away. To treat it without professional support can seriously jeopardize a person’s sobriety and life. Medically supervised detox is helpful in these cases where the person’s drugs are flushed out of the brain and body safely, with professional oversight. Once withdrawal symptoms have gone away, the psychological addiction may be treated. As is the case with some people who have an addiction, mental health issues may need to be treated alongside drug use. Post detox, the person should enter treatment for dual diagnosis if they are found to have a mental illness. People who self-medicate with Klonopin can learn to cope with the symptoms of mental illness in a healthy way and begin rebuilding their lives. 


The Guest House Ocala reminds people that there is no way to get off drugs after a long time without some support. It may seem easier to go it alone but, eventually, people can benefit from what treatment offers them. If you notice the signs of prescription drug use in a loved one or need help for yourself, we are here to support you. . Call us to find out how to get started: 1-855-483-7800