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Claudia is a licensed Mental Health Counselor, specializing in eating disorders and following the Health At Every Size model. She is currently working on her Certified Eating Disorder Specialist certification in order to learn the latest approaches and obtain the most recognized tools available to help others on their journey to recovery. She is a member of IAEDP, the International Association of Eating Disorder Specialists, making her equipped to work with disordered eating as well as eating disorders.

Claudia is also a Certified Brain Injury Specialist and Certified Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy Level 3 Specialist. She is also trained in EMDR therapy. Claudia is a Certified Health Coach and a Yoga instructor specializing in Trauma Sensitive Yoga.

Previously in her career, Claudia has worked as a counselor for children who have experienced trauma. She’s also worked as a trauma therapist, and was influential in creating and leading eating disorder programs as an Eating Disorder Therapist.

Claudia employs various modalities including CBT, DBT, and Somatic Therapy. She has a passion for empowering others guiding them on their path to recovery and channeling the mind-body connection to heal from trauma and addictions. Claudia loves to travel, has lived overseas, and is fluent in Spanish and French.