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Jessica has been working in admissions for residential treatment since 2008. She is a native of South Florida and attended Florida International University for the completion of her associate‚Äôs degree in business. She excels in customer service and sales, but her particular strengths lie in her own experiences with recovery — at The Guest House, her personal story lends hope, compassion and a deep understanding of trauma to her work. She is especially passionate about guiding young women to treatment.

She leads our admissions team with patience, care and positivity and makes our intake process smooth and as easy as possible for our clients and their families. She is an advocate for each of our clients, and indeed for everyone who calls us seeking help — she never gives up on a caller and will help place individuals in other programs if ours are not appropriate for them. She is excited to be a part of The Guest House team because she believes strongly in health and wellness solutions and that healing from childhood trauma is always possible with the right care. Jessica is a shining example of the compassion and professionalism of our team and is always ready to welcome each guest into their personalized treatment program with us.