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Kristen comes to the Guest House with nearly fifteen years of experience in the treatment industry. After earning degrees in Human Services Specializing in Addiction and Psychology, she made the decision to work towards and earn her master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from the University of Central Florida and went on to become professionally licensed as an LCSW.

Kristen has worked in a variety of different treatment settings, including Outpatient, Residential, and as an At-Home therapist, where she worked with at-risk families. Additionally, her experience includes group and individual therapy with a focus on trauma and addictions, intakes, assessments, and administration.

Kristen’s passion for helping others is fueled by her personal history of trauma, addiction, and present recovery. After taking time to heal from her own wounds, she has developed the belief that unresolved trauma affects the mind, body, and soul and can lead to unhealthy methods of coping. She helps guide clients on their healing and recovery journey while utilizing personal and professional experience, but most of all, her heart.

Kristen enjoys spending time with her adult son, family, and friends. She enjoys outdoor water activities and feels a strong connection with nature. She also enjoys exercise, writing poetry, and singing.