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Tatum came to The Guest House Ocala with first-hand knowledge of the effectiveness of Judy Crane’s approach to treatment — after struggling with addiction for many years before working with Judy, she is in recovery herself and feels privileged to lend her expertise and experience to her role. As a case manager, Tatum is dedicated to ensuring that every guest receives the right kind of care both during and after their stay at The Guest House.

She works individually with our clients to find out where they are coming from and where they are going, and monitors their progress during their stay. When it comes time to leave our program, Tatum ensures that everyone is still able to feel safe and well as they return to their daily lives. These services may include finding providers closer to home, coordinating care at The Guest House with previous providers or recommending providers in new fields. Like so many members of our team, Tatum is passionate about empowering our clients and welcoming them without judgment or exclusion.