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Dr. Elyaman is a board-certified internist with a cross-specialization in pediatrics. He belongs to the first graduating class of the Institute for Functional Medicine’s certification program, making him one of the first IFM-certified functional medicine practitioners in the world.

He is the founder and medical director of Absolute Health: Medical Wellness Center, a primary care practice located in Ocala, Florida, and has successfully integrated a functional medicine approach into his practice which has grown to include doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and lifestyle educators. He also provides telemedicine services for those who cannot visit the practice in person. Dr. Elyaman has over a decade of experience helping patients find the root cause of their diseases.

In addition, he has developed and introduced a pharmaceutical-grade line of supplements called “Dr. E’s Choice.” Thanks to its success and high demand, it is now available to consumers both in the office and online at His education and practical experience make him one of the foremost experts in Primary Care Functional Medicine.

Dr. Elyaman joined The Guest House Ocala from its founding as their medical director. As the clinical staff helps heal our clients’ minds, the medical team led by Dr. Elyaman helps heal their bodies. This has proven to be a powerful combination with outcomes exceeding all expectations.

Dr. Elyaman is the author of the upcoming book: Ignite Your Healing Power: How to Reverse Disease and Feel Fantastic. He is also a prolific public and motivational speaker who has given hundreds of lectures to the public as well as to medical practitioners. As part of the teaching faculty for the Institute for Functional Medicine, he teaches doctors and other healthcare providers how to implement Functional Medicine with their patients. His teaching approach, while based in science and research, is crafted to be accessible to all.

Dr. Elyaman was born in Chicago and raised in Florida. He is the eldest of 15 siblings, all of whom are either practicing physicians or working towards a career in healthcare. Family is a cornerstone of Dr. Elyaman’s life. He is a devoted husband and father of four (three sons and one daughter). He currently lives on a horse and cattle ranch in Ocala. His hobbies include reading, camping, boating, fishing, swimming, playing chess and, most recently, horseback riding. He also gives back to the community through his involvement in, and support of, local charitable organizations.