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Addiction can consume lives. You may have noticed that much of your life was impacted or consumed by that addiction when you were actively using. Every action you took was probably motivated by your addiction. Your relationships suffered, and you may have become much more isolated.

After you finish treatment, you may want to assess your life and consider what you want to start fresh. You may find that parts of your life no longer align with your goals and aspirations. That is to be expected and is normal. Being able to assess what was healthy in your life versus unhealthy is an important skill. Here are a few different ways you can start fresh after struggling with addiction.

Continue to Make Amends

Your relationships were probably affected by your addiction. They may have been unhealthy, strained, or broken. Work to make amends with the people you had healthy relationships with. It may take time for your loved ones to rebuild their trust in and comfort with you. Do not let that discourage you. Try to look at the situation from their perspective and understand their concerns and fears. Talk openly with them about amending the relationship and what they personally need from you to begin that process. Everyone has different needs, and an open and honest conversation will help the process along.

Get Financially Stable

How are your finances? How is your employment? When you become financially stable, you may experience more freedom. When you were struggling with active addiction, that addiction probably affected your finances. You worked to feed your addiction. Now that you have sought help and faced your struggles, you probably realize you have many options ahead of you.

What job have you always wanted? Have you thought about college? Creating finance-related goals will help you as you move through recovery. Create smaller steps under your larger goals, and celebrate every milestone and achievement along the way.

Secure Your Support System

Securing a solid support system is an essential first step in recovery and starting fresh. Surrounding yourself with support is critical for those tough days. A support system should be composed of individuals with whom you feel comfortable and safe. These are the people you count on if you find yourself in situations you don’t feel ready to face. These are the people you call when you are worried or nervous.

Practice Self-Care

Practicing self-care is an integral part of starting fresh. Try new activities such as meditation or yoga. For some people, self-care may include reading, exercising, or creative activities. Self-care looks slightly different for everyone. Take some time to figure out what you need. Try new activities and see what helps you to find your center. Practicing self-care is a large part of maintaining your overall well-being.

Explore New Hobbies

Addiction probably consumed you, and it may have taken over your life. You may not even remember what you did or enjoyed before your addiction took over. Relearning who you are and what you enjoy is a huge process and a part of the recovery journey that most people experience.

Trying out new hobbies, activities, groups, or sports can be an enjoyable experience. You may be surprised by what you gravitate towards or what you excel at. Recovery is all about growth and exploration. Use this time to step outside of your comfort zone.

Make New Friends

Not every friendship from your past will make it into your future. When you were in active addiction, you probably had some relationships that centered around your substance of choice. Those relationships will need to be evaluated. The people you surround yourself with will need to understand and respect your boundaries.

You will probably find some comfort in making friends who are also in recovery. They will be able to understand your struggles from a personal perspective. They will understand your goals and boundaries as you work towards maintaining your sobriety and overall well-being.

Develop Healthy Routines

Routines can be your best friend during recovery. Try to establish your routines after treatment. If you struggle with sleep, try to establish an evening routine. If you struggle with getting up in the morning, you should establish a morning routine. Routines help to train your mind and body.

Establishing new routines can also help you to break free from old, unhealthy habits. If you have always used your substance of choice at certain times or places, those times and places can be triggering for you. Work to create new and healthy routines to help you through those times and places. When you understand your triggers, you can work to prepare yourself to face them. If it is difficult for you to establish and maintain routines, work on your routines with a mental health professional.

Starting fresh after struggling with addiction can be an essential part of the recovery process. Everyone experiences recovery differently. What one person does to start fresh could be completely different than what you need. Try not to compare your journey with other people around you. It will be an amazing process as you work towards the life you have always wanted that is uniquely yours. Try to explore new hobbies and make new healthy relationships. You may also find it beneficial to practice self-care and secure a support group. Rediscovering who you are is an incredible experience. Here at The Guest House, we understand that everyone needs unique support as they rediscover themselves. We are here to give you that support. We are trained to help you better understand your mental health issues and create long-term goals for yourself. Call us today to learn more about how we can support you in your recovery at (855) 483-7800