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When we’re embarking on the recovery process, it’s totally normal to feel some mental and emotional resistance to sobriety, to doing the work, and to recovery in general. It’s common for us to experience fear, self-doubt, pessimism, and worry. We might feel resistant to recovery because we’ve already tried unsuccessfully to get sober only to find ourselves relapsing. We might be worried about what the future holds for us and our addictive patterns. We sometimes will convince ourselves to give up on our sobriety because of the resistance we’re feeling. When we experience these kinds of challenges in our recovery, we want to look beyond our conscious thoughts and feelings and look deeper, at the programming of our subconscious minds.

Understanding Our Underlying Issues

The subconscious mind powers the majority of our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and choices. When we can’t comprehend why we’re behaving in a specific way, why we’ve made a certain choice, or why a particular pattern is recurring in our lives, we can look to our subconscious minds for a better understanding. We can get clear on the underlying issues going on within us, the root problems that are at play that we aren’t always conscious of. We can learn a great deal about ourselves and our emotional functioning when we explore the information stored subconsciously. 

Analyzing Our Default Patterning

What recurring thoughts, limiting beliefs, and life patterns keep emerging for you? What does your mind default to when you’re not consciously directing your thoughts? In other words, which thoughts does your mind fall back on? Which patterns do you keep perpetuating unconsciously? What feelings keep coming back for you no matter how hard you try to move past them? All of these are clues to the contents of the subconscious mind’s programming.

Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind

We can access the subconscious mind through meditation, visualization, repetition, and the written word. We want to clear out all the subconscious limiting beliefs we’ve been holding onto that are keeping us from successfully healing ourselves. Try using meditation and visualization to embody feelings of security, balance, stability, wholeness, and wellness. Try repeating and writing down positive affirmations to reprogram yourself to believe you can achieve sobriety. “I believe in myself. I am strong. I make healthy choices. I love myself. I am in control of my life.”

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