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In celebration of August’s Friendship Day, we recently discussed the importance of having friends in trauma recovery. Through trauma treatment, we learn that life in recovery is not monotone. Instead, we are learning to flush out a bright, vivid, diverse palette in all areas of our lives. Our friends should be unique and support our recovery in different ways. These are the four friends you need in trauma recovery.

The Friend Who Reminds You Far You’ve Come

What we don’t need is a friend who constantly triggers and reminds us of the trauma we have endured, how it has affected us, and how hard we have to work to overcome it. We do need the friend who reminds us that we are not just survivors but warriors on a steady path to thriving completely in life. Look for the friend who reminds you of what Christopher Robin famously reminded Pooh, “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

The Friend Who Stands By Your Side

Not everyone has a traditional support system when they seek recovery from trauma. Your family may be your trauma, making your friends the family you choose. Have one friend who shows up for your recovery 100%, from appointments to meetings, sobriety celebrations to treatment graduations, and even attending family programming.

The Friend Who Knows What Trauma Is Like

Trying to relate to people who have never lived through severe trauma can be a challenge. Being friends with others who are surviving trauma can also be a challenge. However, there is no support in the world like the solidarity of someone who knows what trauma is like, especially your trauma. You need someone who can tell you that they know, that it’s okay, and that you’re going to be okay too.

The Friend Who Shows You How To Have Fun

Don’t take yourself too seriously is one of the most widely recognized recovery mantras, for recovery of all kinds. Pooh has friends like Eeyore, Rabbit, and Piglet who take life quite seriously. Pooh also has himself a Tigger, who bounces through life in a much less serious way. Recovery from trauma isn’t meant to be serious all of the time. You need a friend who can show you that having fun is allowed and encouraged when you’re in recovery. Having fun takes you from surviving to thriving and beyond.

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