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The Health of Our Thoughts

The recovery process is as much about healing our thoughts as it is working to get sober. In fact, the healthier our thought patterns and belief systems, the more conducive they are to our sobriety, and the more success we’ll have in our recovery. When we’re thinking in self-loving, self-empowering ways, we become stronger in our sobriety and more committed to our recovery. When we’re thinking in self-demeaning ways, we’re more likely to sabotage our progress. When we hate ourselves, we’re more likely to relapse. Once we learn to become more mindful of the thoughts we’re allowing ourselves to think, we can then practice implementing new thought patterns that support our recovery. We can transform our thinking in huge, impactful ways.

Choosing Joy and Inner Peace

We can practice transforming our thought patterns by giving more energy to the thoughts and emotions that support us in our healing – joy, peace, calm, faith, gratitude – while simultaneously learning to process and release the emotions that are challenging for us without inflicting yet more pain on ourselves. Very often we resist feeling happy and at peace within ourselves because we’re carrying self-punishing energy that makes us self-destructive by nature. We also hold onto our most painful thoughts and feelings, causing ourselves more inner turmoil, confusion and struggle in the process. We want to practice directing our thoughts towards the emotions that heal us – forgiveness, acceptance, detachment, compassion. We want to give ourselves permission to feel at peace within ourselves. We want to practice believing that we deserve to be happy. At the same time, we want to practice working with our challenging emotions and facing them head-on.

Embracing Our Pain

Our addictions and mental health issues contribute to and thrive on, emotional patterns of fear and resistance – avoidance, denial, secrecy, dishonesty, suppression. We run from our feelings and have a very hard time dealing with them directly. We want to allow ourselves to feel all of our emotions, the good, the bad, and everything in between. We want to have unconditional acceptance of everything about ourselves. We want to learn to embrace our pain. This work is often referred to as shadow work – we’re exploring all of our unresolved source of pain, our grief, our anger, fear, and shame. Whatever we don’t face within ourselves only worsens over time, and the more we fully honor and embrace all of our emotions, the more we empower ourselves to heal, the more we reclaim the power our feelings have been holding over us. We stop using our emotions against ourselves in self-destructive ways. We stop fighting against ourselves as a form of self-sabotage.

The success of our recovery is contingent upon the health of our thoughts, and thankfully, we can learn tools to help ourselves heal the thoughts that have been keeping us stuck in patterns of addiction and mental illness.

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