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Self Talk

How we speak to ourselves has an immense impact on our mental health. We can definitely be our harshest critic and our worst motivator. Truth is, you cannot simply rely on others to remind you of your worth, importance, or how well you are doing on your recovery journey. Learning to have positive self-talk is a powerful tool. You can learn to be your own loudest cheerleader, motivator, and fan. Being able to remind yourself of how well you are doing and of your worth is a great thing. Here are a few tips to get you started on your positive self-talk.

Notice Your Language

One of the most profound ways that we lose our personal power is through our language. Take the time to notice the language you are using when you speak to yourself. You may find that you negate far more than you affirm, belittle more than you empower, or chastise more than you validate. Sometimes when you are going through a difficult journey, it is easy to focus on the negative. However, there is a lot of power in positive self-talk and it is worth taking the time to do. 

Repetition Is Key

If you have been participating in negative self-talk for some time, it is naturally going to take time, effort, and energy to learn to focus more on positive self-talk. Being mindful and continuing to practice is the key to successful positive self-talk. Remember to be realistic. No one is perfect and it would be far too boring if we were. You will have days where positive self-talk is hard. There will be days when you find yourself pretty harsh on yourself. Try to work through those days and remember tomorrow is another day to try again and to be more successful. 

Learning to have positive self-talk is a powerful tool. The language we use to talk to ourselves can have an immense impact on our mental health and how we feel about ourselves. Whether you are going through mental health struggles or addiction, learning to speak nicely to yourself can be challenging. Sometimes we need a professional to help us to learn how to speak to ourselves and how to bring ourselves up. Here at The Guest House we are ready to help you as you work on the skills needed to lead a healthy, happy, successful life. Call us today to learn more about our different treatment options at (855) 483-7800.