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The Limiting Belief That People Can’t Change

Limiting Beliefs

Those of us struggling with addiction and mental health issues have adopted many limiting beliefs throughout our lives, limiting beliefs about ourselves, other people, and the world in general. One of the many common limiting beliefs we share is that people are incapable of change, and that once they’re stuck in a certain pattern or set of habits, they can never change, heal or transform them. We assume that once people are sick, mentally or emotionally unwell, or addicted to a substance or behavior, they will always be dependent and will never be able to free themselves in order to live happy, healthy, fulfilling lives.

Cultural Conditioning

Many of us are conditioned to think that we can’t change by the people who have come before us who may have experienced their own inability to make changes in their own lives. They might have witnessed people clinging to unhealthy habits, patterns and addictions, unable to get help or create change for themselves. They developed the mentality that this is the reality for everyone, but we have the power to direct our lives in any way we choose. We can separate ourselves from this learned conditioning and see just how much people are creating change in their lives, for their well-being, for their careers and creative pursuits, for their families and loved ones. We start to see firsthand in our own lives just how capable we are of change.

The Life Changes We’re Making Every Day

Every day that we’re doing the work, we’re moving toward recovery and making small, gradual, incremental changes. Many of us are successfully recovering from our addictions and mental illnesses, enough so that we no longer feel imprisoned, tortured and haunted by them. We’re using therapy, energy healing, support group meetings and 12-Step programs to help us learn to live with our addictions rather than being dominated, controlled and overpowered by them. We’re learning to shed our toxic, self-destructive habits and replacing them with self-loving, self-nurturing ones. We’re making amends to the people we’ve hurt and rebuilding our broken and estranged relationships. We’re living lives we might never have thought possible, proving that people absolutely can change. We can shed the pridefulness and fear that keep us from getting help. We can shed the fierce individualism that makes us feel as though we have to do everything ourselves and recover completely on our own. We can shed the self-protective defense mechanisms that we use to try and shield ourselves from getting hurt but which actually keep us closed off from building trusting, supportive relationships.

Our Lifelong Evolution

While we may always have to contend with our addictions and mental health issues, and while recovery is a lifelong journey and we’ll always be presented with life challenges along the way, we have immense potential for healing and transformation. We’re changing, growing and developing in ways both big and small every day that we work toward recovery.

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