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The Loss of Control We Experience

We Aren’t Thinking Straight

Our addictions are detrimental and destructive forces in our lives for so many different reasons. One of the biggest reasons is the loss of self-control we experience when we’re under the influence of our drugs of choice. Substances cloud our judgment, alter our perception, and destroy our common sense. We feel confused and disoriented, leading us to make choices we later regret. In some cases, we may even have no memory of what transpired. These episodes are frightening, leaving us feeling totally out of control, unable to control our thoughts and actions. This loss of control can be scary and alarming for the people in our lives too, even though we may not realize it at the time. Substances rob us of our ability to think clearly, so we aren’t aware of just how much we’re affecting ourselves and others.

We Are Self-Harming

When we lose self-control, we aren’t taking care of ourselves, protecting ourselves, or nurturing ourselves. Instead, we’re acting on subconscious impulses to self-destruct and self-harm. Decisions made in this fashion are rarely in our best interest. Typically, these impulses endanger the people we love and us. Very often, our lack of control is a warning sign that we’re suffering. It is a cry for help. When we’re acting out of control, we are not in tune with our emotional needs. We’re not paying attention to how much pain we’re suffering. Our denial renders us unable to see just how bad our problems have become. We’ve been burying and suppressing our feelings and using our drugs of choice to numb ourselves.

What is Causing Our Loss of Control?

With addiction, it’s easy to focus more on the symptoms of our illness than the root cause. For example, we focus on the devastating consequences, but we don’t necessarily examine what made us lose control in the first place. What are the sources of pain which leave us feeling so disconnected from ourselves? What are the unresolved issues that are making us lose control over our lives? Recovery means examining the underlying reasons for our loss of control, not just the disastrous consequences that come about later.

Choosing sobriety allows us to do this internal work. Recovery is the process of achieving clarity and inner peace. Over time, we can fully regain control of ourselves and our lives. The caring, compassionate staff of The Guest House is here to support you as you start your journey to recovery and healing.  Call 855-483-7800 today for more information.