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The Real Cost of Addiction

Drug use comes with a cost in many ways, including financially and emotionally. Physically it takes a toll, but fewer people still think about the financial obligations people end up with after spending their life savings, money, earnings, handouts from family, and even student loans on drugs. Addiction recovery takes money, too, and it is not always covered by insurance. The real cost of addiction may seem hidden, but it is there and it is a real challenge for those in recovery.

Drug Use Prices

Depending on what drugs people use, the price tag will vary. Expensive stimulants like opioids and cocaine can create financial havoc for people in even the best of financial circumstances. Quite often, the more money a person has, the more expensive it seems to get to use drugs. Prescription drugs are not as expensive if covered by insurance. If a person is taking drugs from other places or buying them on the street, they may be spending thousands of dollars to obtain drugs. Some other drugs like heroin can cost tens of thousands of dollars, along with cocaine, while alcohol is cheaper, depneding on the person’s use and what they drink. 

Healthcare Costs

Tobacco and alcohol are two drugs that kill a lot of people but also devastate their health. Drug-related illnesses can ravage a person’s body and mind, causing them to become homeless, lose income, and experience overdoses which require specialized care to treat. Some may relapse over and over again until they are given an opportunity in rehab to quit and get well.

Emotional Health Costs

Drug addiction is linked to many mental health challenges, including neurological damage they may experience due to long-term drug use. The long-term drug use plays out in the form of mental and psychological issues as people struggle with drug addiction and often struggle with cognitive issues, as well. 


The cost of drug addiction versus the cost of rehab is about 7 to 1 on average. Where addiction is short-lived, intervening with a treatment plan often means not only saving hundreds of thousands of dollars perhaps but saving a loved one’s life. Without treatment or management, many addictions one day can lead to overdose or even death. Drugs cost money but they also cost a person their purpose and even will to live if it gets to that point. Addiction requires long-term management, with a focus on recovery and getting the right tools to deal with relapses in a productive, healthy way. Sober living is one way to offer support for people in recovery and stay drug-free while they are in rehab. 

The Guest House provides support for people in recovery. Our goal is to give people a chance to get clean and sober while healing. Our therapists, program resources, and trained counselors are all here to support the goal of helping individuals regain control of their lives from addiction. If you or a loved one are struggling, call us to discuss how we can help you: 855-483-7800.