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One issue that has come to the forefront during the current global pandemic is anxiety. With anxiety on the rise, finding a means to cope is essential. Whether someone has day-to-day stressors, such as a phobia of heights, or psychological trauma from a life-changing event, self-medicating through drugs and alcohol is a common way that people cope with anxiety. Instead of blowing off treatment because the addiction is “not that bad” or believing that receiving help for anxiety is a weakness, getting to the root cause of addiction and anxiety will alleviate the pressure one is experiencing rather than continuing to hide from the truth.


Addiction as the Instigator

Addiction is an adaptive response to a more significant issue. Although people become addicted because they have an allergy of the body and an obsession of the mind with consumption, there are reasons why they turn to drugs and alcohol to numb their painful emotions. Trauma is a massive contributor to emotional stress that can lead to the desire to escape with drugs and alcohol. The underlying causes of addiction can be apprehensive, while the progression can be entirely subtle. An individual may attempt to relieve their harrowing trauma with drugs and alcohol only to find themselves later addicted and without any resolution for their anxiety. More problems and added trauma can be the result of addiction and it is not the answer to ending anxiety. Addiction only exacerbates anxiety, not eases it, and vice versa.


Treatment as the Arbitrator

Receiving treatment for anxiety or addiction may not seem that imperative, but it is. Up until this point, all that has been happening is just delaying the inevitable. As the pain of anxiety increases with the pain of addiction, the only real option to resolve the issues surrounding both is to seek treatment. Discerning if anxiety caused addiction or addiction caused anxiety can get to the root of both through treating each separately and simultaneously. By treating a dual diagnosis appropriately, the right therapy and the proper tools can be accessed according to each person’s specific needs.  


As we continue to navigate the uncertainty of this global pandemic that we are facing, having a handle on anxiety is the best course of action. Those of us in the recovery world have a huge opportunity to use the tools we have at our fingertips to reduce anxiety and help others cope in the process.  


At The Guest House, it is our goal to help you uncover the source of your trauma so that you can move beyond it and get back to a place where you feel better about yourself and are solid in your recovery. Our treatments are designed to be customized and combined to create recovery plans that work on an individualized basis. Our highly experienced therapists are here to guide you on your journey back to health and formulate treatment methods that are beneficial to your recovery.

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