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Boundaries are defined lines that draw the difference between two spaces: your side and my side. Recovery is a journey in defining, realizing, and enforcing boundaries in order to protect and nourish a developing sense of self.

Physical Boundaries

Physical boundaries are the most strict and obvious boundaries because they can be seen, spoken, and enforced with a physical reference. Other forms of boundaries are not visible or tangible and can sometimes be difficult to communicate. With physical boundaries there is little confusion. A physical boundary is defined by: who, what, where, when, and how.

Who: Who can touch you and who cannot touch youHow: How you want to be touched, how you do not want to be touched, how you want to be regarded physically, how close is too close, etcWhen: When you want to be touched and when you do not want to be touchedWhere: Where on your physical being you want to be touched, where in terms of environment and circumstance you want to be touched, where you want touching to take placeWhat: What you are comfortable with in terms of touch, in what manner you want to be touched, and in what circumstances

Emotional Boundaries

Unlike physical boundaries, emotional boundaries are more difficult to define. Like all boundaries, the emotional boundaries one has is specific to their life and life experiences. How does one create boundaries against emotions, which are invisible and intangible? Most often, emotional boundaries are not directly communicated, but are acted upon internally and externally by an individual. Removing oneself from a conversation that is unnecessarily toxic and negative, for example, would be an emotional boundary. Letting a friend vent, rant, and rave for only so long is another emotional boundary. Making internal decisions about what to take on emotionally is another form of emotional boundaries. Emotional boundaries stand as a protection and barrier between one’s own emotional experience and that of another.

Mental Boundaries

Self-esteem is defined by its namesake: esteem of the self. However, self-esteem is fragile when mental boundaries are weak. Like prized private property, one has to be selective in who they give space to in their mind. The various words, opinions, thoughts, criticisms, and even compliments that come from others can have a significant, sometimes damaging effect- if it is allowed. Mental boundaries help establish the sense of self as defined by the self versus the sense of self defined by others.

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