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The Three Most Important Phrases You Need For Living In Trauma Recovery

As human beings, we have some very basic needs physical, mental, and spiritual. When we think of basic needs, we’re typically thinking of the bottom line basics, like what we need for survival. At a survivalism core, we need food, air, water, and shelter. However, not many of us are in that kind of a survival mode all of the time, striving to only meet our most basic survival needs. Living as a survivor of trauma who is bravely and diligently working through their trauma recovery, we have more basic needs which need to be met, our very intimate, personal, human needs. Survival isn’t necessarily out of the question. Having survived trauma in our life, of any kind, we have known what it means to survive not just because we made it through a singular or series of trauma events, but because we continue to make it through the rigorous demands of living life on life’s terms every day. For many of us, our most basic needs of food, water, shelter, and air are met. Some of us, quite sadly, have had to live periods of our life where that wasn’t the case. Still, most of us feel like we’re fighting for our lives to have those other human needs met. We need to feel important. We need to know that our lives are meaningful. Above all, in this crazy inexplicable world full of equal amounts beauty and hardship, we need to know that our lives matter.

Words and language are nothing short of miraculous marvels. Just reading the words here, on this screen, is having a profound impact on your life. Hearing and reading, seeing and believing words holds as much if not more importance for us as human beings as does food, water, air, and shelter. Our attachment to hearing what we need to hear is a direct manifestation of our attachment to knowing what we need to know- and that knowingness, that ability to believe in our knowingness, for us, as trauma survivors, can be life or death.

Attachment starts in our earliest moments of existence, with events influencing our time in utero and our experiences throughout our infancy. Through trauma treatment and ongoing trauma therapy, we detail a timeline of our traumatic experiences and piece together how our upbringing influenced our attachment style and how our attachment style influences our world. Though there are different kinds of attachment, at the bottom of every attachment pattern, the basic need remains the same. We attach because we need to feel we belong. We attach because we need to know that we have a place in this crazy world. We attach because we have to be part of the herd to survive. We attach because we need to know that we aren’t here by mistake and we won’t have to live alone. We attach because we desperately need someone to tell us that we matter.

Every day we live in trauma recovery is an opportunity to heal our broken attachment patterns and nurture our inner selves’ sense of belonging.

Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are powerful mantras, or statements, that we can repeat to ourselves throughout each day. We choose the words for our mantras carefully, because the energetic weight of a positive affirmation is significant. Our unique journey might inspire very specific affirmations we developed with our therapists or support team. Yet, there are still the three most important affirmations we can give ourselves:

  • I am important.
  • My life is meaningful.
  • I matter.

Graduating trauma treatment means moving onto our next phases of life with a shiny new toolbox, figuratively speaking, full of freshly polished, ready to use tools. Throughout our treatment journey we pick up tools, tips, and tricks for managing our memories, our bodies, our emotions, and our lives. Positive affirmations are one of our many tools which help us to be grounded, find center, and keep ourselves attached to the reality we have worked exhaustively to create.

Are we to think that we will believe these affirmations every day? Or that we will never again doubt that we are important, that our lives are meaningful, and that we matter? Even the most “recovered”, advanced, evolved, developed trauma survivors have their moments; but, their moments get further and fewer in between as they put their tools, like positive affirmations, to work.

For us as men and women in recovery, the work never really stops. About this, we rarely complain. After living in painful misery for too many years of our lives, we consistently find ourselves in the utmost willingness to do whatever it is we need to do in order to get exponentially more well. We work whatever program we have to work, we do whatever exploration in therapy we need to do, we live whatever recovery lifestyle we need to live so that our wounds are ever healing and our lives are ever bettering. We deserve it- because we’re important. Our lives are meaningful. We matter.

When you graduate trauma treatment, the rubber meets the road, as it is said. To live successfully in recovery from trauma, addictions, or related mental health issues, we need the care and professionalism of an experienced, specialized staff who provide us excellence in treatment. Our alumni learn how to thrive in their lives not in spite of trauma, but because of it. We’re always here to welcome those in need of help at The Guest House Ocala. Call us today for information and resources: 1-855-483-7800