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The Value of Aftercare Treatment

Recovering from substance use disorder (SUD) does not end when you complete your residential program. At The Guest House, we know the transition from full-time support to living independently can feel daunting. You may wonder how you are going to adjust to life outside of treatment. Additionally, you may be worried about your potential for relapse without full-time support. However, here at The Guest House, we know how important the transition stage is for recovery. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive aftercare program to support you no matter where you are on your recovery journey.

What Is Aftercare?

The terms aftercare and continuing care are synonymous and often used interchangeably. As noted in an article from Alcohol Research: Current Reviews, aftercare is a model of care focused on sustaining abstinence and relapse prevention following a residential program. In addition, aftercare is designed to support your long-term well-being beyond active treatment. As a tool for long-term recovery, continuing programs can offer increased positive health outcomes for SUD and mental health disorders.

Benefits of Aftercare for SUD and Mental Health Disorders

According to Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, engaging in evidence-based interventions can improve treatment outcomes for sustainable SUD recovery. Moreover, as noted in the Journal of Research in Medical Sciences, aftercare services can be beneficial for long-term mental health recovery. Through aftercare interventions like psycho-education sessions, symptoms can decrease and functionally can improve.

Supporting Your Continuing Care At The Guest House

Through aftercare treatment, we want to give you the tools to stand on your own and live a fulfilling independent life. At The Guest House, we know recovery is an ongoing process that will continue across your lifetime. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing support that helps you discover management strategies, coping techniques, and sustainable therapies that will support you long beyond your time with us.

Moreover, with aftercare services like our Day/Night outpatient programming, we can build a treatment plan that makes sense for you. With personalized treatment plans, we can help you and your family build an independent sober life at home. Thus, no matter what part of your journey you are on, we can provide multiple levels of care from detox to outpatient (OP) to support your specific needs.

Recovery is a lifelong process, but leaving a residential program with full-time care to live independently can feel scary. However, with aftercare services, you can smoothly transition from treatment to living in recovery independently. As you participate in aftercare services, you will continue to learn, grow, and build skills to support your long-term recovery. At The Guest House, we provide a variety of aftercare programs that can be tailored to your specific needs. Regardless of your stage of recovery, we have multiple levels of care to meet you where you are on your journey. Call us today at (855) 483-7800.