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Many people encounter it. We have this voice in our mind, this nagging, critical, obnoxious voice which likes to terrorize us at every available opportunity. According to this voice and their highly expert, loud spoken opinion, nothing we do is right. Nothing we do is good enough. Nothing we do is right. Nothing we do isn’t even the half of it. When this voice really gets out of control, it’s narrative goes beyond what we do. The critical voice in our mind tells us that nothing about who we are is good enough- that we are not good enough. Until we are aware of the voice, investigate the voice, and cut the voice at its roots, we are vulnerable to believing this voice. After hearing the enthusiastic emphasis of this voice for so many days on end, we can fall victim to its manipulations. Once we start to believe that voice, we stop believing in who we really are. Knowing that the voice isn’t ours, we give it power anyway. The transformation which has to take place in rewriting that critical narrative is taking back the power from that voice and silencing it, rather than just changing it. Our voices matter. Your voice matters. Here are some ways to cultivate and strengthen that voice.

Forget Perfection

You’ve realized you have a critical voice in your mind which tells you that you aren’t good enough and you want to make a change. Today is the day you decide to start changing it and you expect those changes to be perfect so that you are no longer suffering from that critical voice. You try some different approaches, yet nothing seems to work instantaneously. That voice was right all along, you secede. Perfection is a nightmare. Expectations are a disguise for perfectionism. Realize that you are on a journey to discovering and reclaiming who you are. This journey does not happen over night or in a series of a few short moments. Forget perfection and give yourself time to recognize, love, and embrace, all of your imperfections.

Ask Others For Their Voices

We often hear a sentiment similar to these about what we tell ourselves in our mind: What if other people could hear the way you talk to yourself? What would you say to your friend who is having the same thoughts? Since nobody else can hear our inner narrative, we are able to hide it. If we expose it to our closest friends, they are likely to jump at their chance to correct that voice. Though we might be ashamed, we should welcome their expert opinion. Everyone needs a little extra validation and support every now and then. When you’re facing your critical inner voices, you can benefit from the voices of others. Ask your closest friends and family to tell you what they think of you, even your flaws. You will realize that your perception of yourself is much different from other’s perceptions of you.

Use Positive Affirmations

Within six months of reciting positive affirmations, you are likely to see some serious results. Write down your critical voice’s favorite statements about you, then come up with a positive counter attack. For example, if your voice says You’re not good enough, say I am good enough. Make a list of about ten and post them on your bathroom mirror. Look at them and recite them every day. At first it will be uncomfortable. Overtime, you’ll believe what you are saying and you’ll find yourself standing up to that critical inner voice with more confidence than ever.

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