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There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Confident In Recovery: Part Two

In our previous blog, we discussed confidence and how difficult it can be to come by due to our own behaviors or the experiences we’ve had in life at the hand of the behaviors of others. We talked about the peculiarity of becoming a confident person in recovery and how once we find ourselves in a confident moment, it can all be taken away by doubt:

Do we deserve to feel confident? Can we afford to feel confident? How vulnerable does feeling confident make us? Are we putting ourselves in danger by feeling confident? Are we kidding ourselves when we feel confident?

We hear a lot of conflicting messages about confidence in recovery: we have to be confident enough in ourselves to make good choices, but being too confident isn’t a good choice because we might end up making bad choices due to cockiness, conceitedness, and ego. We learn there is some kind of healthy confidence, but we aren’t sure if we are ever able to find it. As a result, we become unsure if we can be confident, deserve to be confident, or can be okay if we find ourselves feeling confident.

If we are recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, we need only fear one kind of confidence: the confidence which tells us we can confidently drink or use drugs again. Whatever our recovery is from, we need heed the confidence which tells us to go backward and engage in behaviors which we know, for certain, are not good for us. Everything else falls into the category of a learning lesson in life and our ability to have an experience, learn a lesson, and continue moving forward in our recovery is something we can have confidence in.

There’s nothing wrong with being confident in recovery- in ourselves, our looks, our talents, our abilities, and our life path. Putting in the hard work with our therapist, treatment team, and recovery community or sponsor doesn’t amount to nothing. We can feel confident about the fact that we are working hard to change our lives, that we’ve transformed, that we are strong, capable, incredible people who are multi-faceted and multi-layered and amazing all around. Our confidence is nothing to be ashamed of. By doing the work of recovery, we’ve earned the right to feel ourselves.

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