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These 3 Habits for a Healthy Mind Can Boost Recovery

The importance of a healthy mind can be overlooked in recovery. When people are thinking about how to be healthier, they choose different habits that embody this mindset. With wisdom and intention, people can create healthier habits that build a long-lasting recovery for their overall health. Modern living certainly takes its toll with millions of Americans struggling with addiction. Learn more about three specific habits that can boost a healthy mind and promote healing.


Physical exercise is not just for the body. This also goes for the mind. Intellectually, when people are curious they like to spend time thinking about ideas, creating space to think outside the box and look for unique ways to incorporate elements of healing into their personal journeys of recovery. Some ways to foster exercise that focuses not just on the body but overall wellness includes:

  • Exercising for 20-30 minutes daily
  • Challenging the mind creatively
  • Spiritual connectedness and searching for a higher power
  • Balancing energy
  • Simplicity: balancing needs with wants
  • Knowing when to exercise the mind, body, and spirit in balance so as not to overdo one or the other

Be Creative

The flow of creativity helps humans connect to one another. This means storytelling, sharing tales from ancestors, writing, communicating, drawing, and other things that/ help creativity. Humans are not the only ones who are creative. Other animals are creative as well, but humans use it as a form of expression to share thoughts, ideas and generate bigger ideas. The goal of creativity is not just production. In recovery, it can be an energetic release of anxiety and stress. Recovery is about finding a flow that works. 

Ask for Help

The best way to boost recovery mentally is to ask for help. Recovery is a struggle. There is a lot that happens. The mind and body are not able to process it all. When a person asks for help, they are reaching out and seeking support from people who are closest to them. Those who know their story can hold the tension between what they share and how to best support them. What heals people most is feeling heard. When they feel heard, they are able to move forward with clarity and direction. 

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