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As more people begin to open up and talk about mental health, you may be finding that you know more people than you thought with anxiety. At some point or another, everyone will feel some sort of anxiety in their life. Some may experience anxiety during a large test or a presentation, while others struggle with it on a daily basis. As more people begin to talk about anxiety, it is important to know what it really is. Here are a few common misconceptions about anxiety that people tend to get wrong.

You Can Simply Stop Being Anxious

Anyone who has suffered from anxiety knows how nice it would be to just turn it off–to simply tell yourself to not have anxiety and move on with the day. The truth is, you cannot just turn off anxiety. With the correct help, however, you can learn to better understand what you are feeling. By understanding what you are feeling, you can learn to work with your body and your mind to better control and maintain your anxiety

Being Anxious Just Means You Worry Too Much

Telling someone who is suffering from anxious thoughts and feelings that they are simply being a worry-wart is probably one of the most unhelpful things you can do. It’s true, some people worry more than others. For some people, things such as severe weather, busy highways, or that upcoming job interview could send them into a spiral of overwhelming anxiety, whereas those things may not even phase others. It is important to remember that having anxiety disorders is far more than simply being a worry-wart. 

People With Anxiety Should Use Substances To Help Calm Down

Anxiety and substance abuse are one of the most common co-occurring mental health disorders. Many people find themselves taking substances as a coping mechanism, which can turn extremely dangerous. You should never suggest that others use drugs or alcohol as a means to relax. Everyone will react differently, and it can easily lead to self-defeating behaviors. With a higher likelihood to develop a substance use disorder, it is important to seek professional help to learn to understand your anxiety better. Therapy can help you understand what your anxiety is stemming from, and what may be triggering it. A therapist can work with you to create a customized treatment plan, helping you to gain the skills you need to live with your anxiety. 

As more people open up and discuss their mental health issues, you may realize you know more people with anxiety than you thought. As mental health becomes a more common topic of discussion, it is important to correct common misconceptions. Anxiety is far more than simply being a worry-wart. It is a disorder that you cannot simply turn off whenever you do not want to feel its effects. However, working with a trained professional can help you learn the tools and skills needed to not let anxiety control your life. The Guest House can help you begin your journey of working to live with your anxiety. Call us at (855) 483-7800 to learn more.