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The winter months can be a time of year that many people struggle with the most. Seasonal depression is very real and disrupts entire lives if not understood and worked through. If you think you are struggling with seasonal depression, the first step to take is to reach out to a mental health professional.

A mental health care provider will guide you towards medication and therapy options that will help you work through the challenging feelings you are experiencing. As you begin that journey towards healing and health, here are a few other suggestions to help you work through your seasonal depression.

Stick to a Schedule 

For many people, sticking to a schedule can help to keep your day moving forward. Pick a time to get out of bed every single morning and have a morning routine to follow. When you have a set schedule and routine, you will not need to give much thought to what you should do; you will simply know what to do and when to do it.

Keep a Journal 

Keeping a journal can be helpful for many different reasons. One reason is that it gives you an outlet to express yourself. You can write down what you are feeling and going through. Sometimes when dealing with intense emotions writing them down can be easier than speaking them out loud. Journaling can also be helpful because it can help you spot patterns within your behavior. You can use this information to work with your therapist to create a treatment plan that best suits you.

Get Some Exercise 

Many people find that exercise helps them to work through seasonal depression. Whether you go jogging, practice yoga, or do another form of exercise, physical activity can help you work through your mental health issues. Try out various forms of exercise until you find one that helps you the most.

 Seasonal depression can be challenging to work through. Learning to understand what you are feeling will help you to work through your seasonal depression. Try to keep a journal of what you are feeling and experiencing. Many people benefit from sticking to a schedule and from exercising. Learning what helps you the most is essential. Here at The Guest House, we know how frightening and uncertain mental health issues can be. We are here to help. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 to learn more about how we can support you.