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Tips to Help Your Partner With Anxiety

Having a partner with an anxiety disorder can challenge a relationship. The stress placed on relationships with friends and family can damage healthy relationships. The strain that an anxiety disorder places on romantic partnerships is often intense. Luckily, if you have a partner struggling with anxiety, there are things you can do to help them.

Effects of Anxiety Disorders on Relationships

Anxiety is a normal human emotion. The difference is that your anxiety may not be the same as your partner’s. A partner with an anxiety disorder has an increased level of anxiety that can disrupt their life. Your partner’s anxiety can challenge how you perceive them or your relationship. A partner with an anxiety disorder can react in two ways:

#1. Become Dependent on You

Your partner will seek your approval or support. You can find yourself also in a position of reassuring your partner of your love, loyalty, or commitment to the relationship. Sometimes a person with anxiety becomes insecure or jealous of you or of any connections you have with other people.

#2. Push You Away

A partner who has an anxiety disorder may not always become dependent on you. Instead, your partner may employ techniques to keep or push you away. Some people with an anxiety disorder have difficulty opening up, sharing their feelings, or being vulnerable. If your partner reacts to something you said or did with anger or frustration, take a step back and process how you feel.

How to Help Your Partner

Anxiety is a common emotion, and you can treat your partner’s anxiety like you treat someone else’s. Some tips for coping with your partner’s anxiety include:

  • Listening: Engage in active listening when your partner is experiencing anxiety. Put aside your thoughts or urge to respond and listen without judgment.
  • Validation: Let your partner know you accept and recognize their feelings. You open up the conversation when you validate your partner’s thoughts or feelings. Although you may not fully understand or know why your partner is experiencing anxiety, that’s okay.
  • Education: Anxiety disorders can challenge your mental health. Take time to learn about anxiety disorders and how you can help your partner.
  • Process: Let your partner process and face their anxiety. Don’t protect them from their anxiety or shield them. Instead, work with your partner to approach what triggers their anxiety.

Seeking Professional Help

Your feelings are also important in a relationship with someone with an anxiety disorder. Attending therapy sessions can help you discuss your thoughts and feelings. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a center that offers a variety of therapeutic modalities.

A romantic relationship with a partner who has an anxiety disorder can be challenging. Your partner’s higher levels of anxiety can disrupt their life and yours. However, you can still have a healthy relationship with someone with an anxiety disorder if you take the necessary steps to hear and understand your partner’s thoughts and feelings. The Guest House can help your partner. Our services include therapy for anxiety disorders. Your partner can find hope in treatment while enjoying the comfort of our 52-acre estate near Ocala, Florida. Call us at (855) 483-7800 for more information about our treatment programs.