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Transforming Our Perspective on Sobriety

The Problematic Associations We’ve Created

Sometimes what can sabotage us most in our recovery are the perspectives we’ve adopted around recovery and sobriety. We think of sobriety as something that will hold us back and keep us from being happy. Sobriety becomes associated with missing out on the fun. If we can’t get high, we will no longer be able to let loose, relax, and celebrate. These associations between sobriety and a boring, uninteresting life are inaccurate, obviously, but they can hold us back. For a long time, we’ve relied upon our drugs of choice to turn us into fun, sociable people. Even when experience shows that substances leave us isolated and antisocial, it’s hard to shake these associations. Likewise, we think of sobriety as a set of restrictions being forced upon us. One way we can help ourselves conquer addiction is by transforming our perspective on sobriety.  If we open ourselves up to a new outlook on sobriety, we might just find a new and exciting life in recovery. 

Reinforcing Our Limiting Beliefs

When we continue to buy into restrictive associations around sobriety, we subconsciously reinforce our beliefs that we don’t want to get sober. Addiction teaches us that we’re better off as we are. We tell ourselves we’ll be happier in the long run if we don’t push ourselves to change. Recovery work is too hard, too painful, and too overwhelming. We assume it won’t be worth the effort and declare ourselves too far gone. It’s easy to say that our addictions are too deeply ingrained ever to recover. We come to believe that we’re not strong enough to recover, and not good enough to deserve happiness. Our addiction has become, in our minds, something permanent, set in stone, unchanging, and unyielding. Believing we can’t recover makes it easier to remain stuck in our addiction. Every time we allow ourselves to repeat these thought patterns without checking ourselves, we reinforce their validity in our psyches. They become our belief system around addiction, recovery, and sobriety.

 Shifting Our Belief Systems

What if we began to see sobriety as growth and healthy change? In looking at facts, we have to concede that recovery has been the path to happiness and peace for millions of people. What if we began to see our sober selves as being the truest and most authentic versions of ourselves? We can choose to see sobriety as something to strive for and to be proud of, rather than something to dread. If we can make this crucial perspective shift, we can recognize sobriety as a gift for which we can be grateful. Choose to accept and embrace the challenges that come with recovery. Allow recovery to help us become our best selves, rather than resisting growth out of fear.

Change is hard, but you don’t have to do it alone. After all, sobriety begins with asking for help. Are you ready to take the first step on your journey to recovery? Call The Guest House today! 855-483-7800.