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How Trauma Can Impact Our Intimate Relationships

The effects of trauma can alter our relationships with others and make building intimate relationships difficult. We may struggle with vulnerability and have a tough time getting close to others.

Trauma resulting from sexual abuse or abusive relationships can make our ability to trust others difficult and challenging. Trust is a key component to building close relationships, whether friendships or romantic partners. Learning to trust others following an abusive situation or long-term abuse can help those suffering from trauma in building close relationships.

Some ways to rebuild trust in others can be found in supportive and safe environments. When we lived through abuse for a long time, we may have never been able to fully express ourselves. We may have been shut out or put down. We may have been afraid to open up or learned to keep our heads down and our mouths closed. Building relationships is a skill that we can learn. We are not destined to continue living without intimacy or close bonds with others. We can learn these skills and learn to trust others again.

How Trauma Treatment Teaches Us To Trust Others Again

By giving ourselves time in a safe environment, like a treatment or rehabilitation center, we can begin to open up again. Once we meet new people in places that are secure, we can change our perspective about the world. We begin to realize that the world is not a bad place–we just have to seek out the good people out there. When we begin to break down our walls of defense, a new world of hope can open up to us.

Traumatic experiences can have a profound impact on the sufferer’s ability to form close relationships with others. They may feel that they cannot trust anyone again due to past experiences. They may build a defensive shell around themselves and be unable to open up to others. Trust is a key component to building long-term, healthy intimate relationships, whether these be friendships or romances. We can benefit from spending time with others in safe, supportive environments to reset our long-held beliefs about the world. The Guest House is here for those who have undergone trauma in their lives. We can teach you new skills on how to cope with your past. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 to learn more about our home and how we can help you overcome your trauma to build the life you deserve!