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Healing from trauma is an on-going process for those suffering from the negative effects. Trauma can be deep-rooted within our thought processes and affect our nervous systems, as we may be over-reactive to any stressors in our life. We may need to break down multiple defensive barriers to get to the root causes of our issues. When we begin treatment, we are beginning to open our eyes to a different way of looking at our trauma. We can benefit from opening up about our pain and our past to get through to the healing process.

The process of healing from trauma takes time. We deserve to put the time and effort in to lead our best lives! Trauma work and treatment may be frightening and scary for some of us. We may fear being judged or being viewed as being weak. We may feel that we can ignore the trauma and continue to push our pain deep inside of us. By allowing ourselves the time to truly heal from our trauma, we can begin to let go and find better ways of living. By discussing our past with others and taking time in therapy, we can begin to see our trauma from a different perspective. We can begin to put trauma into the context of our lives and see it in a new light.

Once we begin to work on our trauma, we can see the strength in our survival from these experiences. We can begin to recover and thrive from the pain of our pasts. Trauma work involves a level of commitment that we are worthy of partaking in. We deserve to get the most out of life and heal from our past!


Trauma work can be difficult for us to complete alone. We may be reluctant to relive our past when we open up to others about our trauma. We may feel afraid of experiencing painful emotions. We may have also been numb for so long that we cannot imagine what a healthy and happy life would feel like. Sometimes, we need to trust the process and engage in it. We deserve to heal from our pain and learn healthy ways to live. Trauma work is a commitment. It takes time to heal but we are worth it! The Guest House is here to help those suffering from trauma. Begin your trauma work today by calling us at (855) 483-7800.