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Treatment is not a cure. The many therapies and healing modalities which you will experience in treatment are not cures. Treatment for trauma is full of evidence-based methods which have been proven across majorities of research participants to reduce a wide variety of symptoms, sometimes to the point of remission. Still, however, there is no cure for trauma. There are ways to heal from trauma. There are ways to move through trauma. There are ways to move on from trauma. A cure for trauma simply doesn’t exist yet because we haven’t found a way to define what that would look like. If a cure for trauma would mean completely removing all traumatic memories, the imprint of trauma on the nervous system, and any manifestations of trauma in their entirety- there certainly isn’t a cure for that. Do not be discouraged. You can heal from trauma, you can resolve trauma, and you can find freedom from trauma while reducing many of the effects trauma has on you. You might even find yourself completely freed from its effects. However, you can’t erase the memory. You can erase trauma from your existence. You can choose how you let trauma define your life by choosing not to let trauma define your life.

Trauma work is ongoing, in varying levels, across your lifetime. At times the work will be intensive, exhausting, frustrating, and challenging. Trauma work can be all-consuming and time-consuming, like when you go to treatment. After treatment, trauma work becomes maintenance and part of your routine. Everyday habits and activities become part of “the work”. How you manage your stress, your emotions, your triggers, your responsibilities, your self care- every area of your life is touched by your trauma, which means every area of your life recovers from trauma.

There will be times when your triggers get the best of you or catch you off guard. The more steadfast you work on your trauma, the more readily you handle difficult moments. Still, nobody is perfect and as we say in recovery, progress is perfection. When needed, your trauma work will pick up again with extra treatments, therapy, and self-care. If our perspective on our life needs shifting, we seek the proper resources.

Treatment is not a cure for trauma. Treatment is the beginning of a change, the change necessary to see trauma a different way.

There is another way of living than surviving. Its called thriving. Its called being okay. You can be.

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