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Perhaps one of the scariest elements of our addictions is the fact that they can rob us of our ability to trust our instincts. When we’re under the influence, our judgment is impaired, and we’re not thinking clearly. The addictive substances and behaviors we’re dependent upon have lasting effects on our thinking and our ability to be rational and logical, even when we’re not using. We find we have a harder time connecting to and following our intuition. We feel as though we can’t trust our instincts. We can’t think clearly or discern what our intuition is trying to tell us. We can’t trust our inner voice to be on our side and not working against us.

Inner Connectedness

Part of the recovery process is establishing the clarity and the inner connectedness we need to be able to trust our instincts again. When we’ve been sober for a solid length of time, and when we’ve taken the time to reconnect with ourselves, we begin to feel balanced and at peace within ourselves again. We begin to rebuild and repair the damaged, fractured relationship we have with ourselves. We start to feel as though we can listen to our inner voice and know that it’s leading us in the right direction and not towards self-destruction.

Listening to Ourselves

To rebuild our inner connectedness, we want to practice listening to ourselves more closely, more intently and mindfully, and more often. With time and practice, we can decipher the voice of our intuition and distinguish it from the many other misleading thoughts we have that are driven by fear and self-doubt. We can recognize our intuition by how it allows us to feel connected to our faith, how it gives us a sense of calm, trusting certainty and assuredness. Following our intuition makes us feel guided, protected, safe, and secure. Our fear, on the other hand, is destabilizing and makes us feel imbalanced, uncentered, and ungrounded. When we follow our fear, we’re often left with more confusion and overwhelm, not less. Our intuition serves our greatest good, while our fear can be detrimental and contribute to our self-sabotage.

Motivation Toward Sobriety

Being unable to trust our instincts is a scary, lonely, overwhelming state to be in. We can find ourselves feeling desperate to numb our confusion, fear, and loneliness with our drugs of choice, which, as we know, only make us even more unable to trust our instincts. This inability to trust ourselves and our instincts can be a huge motivating force behind our decision to get sober and take our recovery seriously. We want to be connected to ourselves, and we want to feel as though we can trust ourselves again.

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