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Try These 3 Tips to Incorporate Mindful Eating into Daily Health Habits in Recovery

Mindful eating is not just another mindfulness trick or tip to help people think about what they eat. It is about thinking about the past and learning to lean into what happened but still focus on the present. There is part of recovery that takes people by surprise. Quite often, they are surprised by mindful eating and nutrition classes that support them discovering something they never knew they were missing. It is more than nutrition, it is about a way of life that does not revolve around getting pleasure from everything, rather sitting with something that is good for you and savoring it at the moment. 

Mindful Eating Practices

Dietitians and nutritionists often work with people in recovery to show them the art of mindful eating. They discover the purpose behind it and are able to think more clearly about what they want to do with their eating habits. The approach to mindful eating is to learn how to pay attention to. Instead of eating, it means putting food into the mouth, thinking about it, and tasting it. The sensations and feelings of eating get numbed out when people struggle with other addictions. This is not a diet. It is not about food deprivation or challenges. It is about eating mindfully and coming from a place of health that supports overall healing. 

Less Risk of Food Addiction

It is normal for a person in recovery to put on some weight in treatment. The person may overeat, binge eats, or emotion eats for many reasons. They are not sure how to handle the recovery phase and are eating to do something with their feelings. There is always the risk of transfer addiction, as well. Mindful eating helps people appreciate the food they consume and not require big lifestyle changes. They may eat the same way but are able to focus on their meals and spend less time numbing out with food.

Positive Impact on Mood

There is no link between sugar and hyperactivity, even if people think there is. The types of food a person eats are related to the development of feelings. Mindful eating teaches people to love food, regardless of contents. People at sugar all the time to avoid negative feelings. Instead of looking for a chocolate bar to make a person feel better, it might be good to look at salads and healthy food that give the body good nutrients it needs to heal. 

Nature’s Boost

Healthy foods that are rich in nutrients are nature’s boost for people. The concept of natural high is emphasized in rehab. Channeling that energy into something productive is how to take a person’s mind off cravings. The reward is being able to sink teeth into recipes and savor the food. The process of cooking and eating need only take less than an hour, but it boosts confidence and builds stamina for the road ahead. Learning new things, trying new things, and being part of a different journey in recovery is healing in and of itself. It is a healthy goal to have for people who are looking for a natural way to boost immunity and give themselves a good place to start with healing in recovery. 

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