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Try These Tips to Move from Anger to Greater Compassion  

Anger can bubble up any time for any reason. It can come out of nowhere but it also has a place deep inside that shifts emotions into high gear. Once a person has greater self-awareness of their emotions, they are less likely to turn their anger towards someone and, instead, show greater compassion. Learning to manage angry emotions takes time. It is not a bad emotion to have, but it can harm people with words or actions that are difficult to take back. Compassion for the self and others is the key to coping better with this emotion.

Emotions Are Normal

The hardest thing to do is to accept emotions as a normal part of everyday life. The key is to allow the emotions to surface but limit their impact. Putting feelings into words helps integrate emotions. One way to do this is journal writing. Video journaling (vlogging) or writing them down can help because it is talking the feelings out. Some people do this online or just keep a video diary for themselves. The goal is not to suppress them and make it worse, rather feel them, behave appropriately when they surface and don’t expect perfection. 

Watch Judgment

Other people are likely to have feelings about other people’s feelings, especially if they are the recipient of those emotions. Angry people are coined as such and thus people stay away from them or limit interactions. Self-judgment is when a person shifts blame and judgment onto themselves and do not know how to release judgment to deal appropriately with the emotions and actions. See what happens when trying different tools like writing down feelings and thoughts, sharing them in a group setting with others or going to counseling. These are helpful tools when learning how to release judgment and shame to find healing from anger.

Connection Matters

Self-connection and also a connection to others is important. People may distance themselves when feeling angry to avoid saying or doing something they regret. People still remember that everyone is human first. Most will give the benefit of the doubt a person means and desires to do better. Emotions don’t make a person less connected. What needs to happen is a connection with others and talking things through with a trusted friend or therapist who helps the individual move through feelings with greater self-awareness and compassion.

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