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When faced with an addiction, we are typically consumed with the daily challenges of trying to survive. We may think about how we are feeling in the moment, the choices we are making, or who we are surrounding ourselves with. A lot of the time, however, we fail to look deeper. We fail to dig below the surface, to fully understand why we are feeling a certain way, why we are doing what we are doing, and why we are choosing to surround ourselves with certain people. Having the courage to dig deep and really look into our addiction can be scary. It is often something that we need a professional to help us with. We may think that we have anger stemming from a certain area in our past, and a professional may help us to realize that in all honesty, we are angry about something completely different. 

Painful Past

A major reason so many of us try to avoid digging deeper is that it can be painful. Past experiences can create a very significant impact. So often we bury that past trauma, thinking that if we can bury it deep enough, it can no longer affect us. Truth is, no matter how deep you bury your past trauma and experiences, they will probably still impact aspects of your life. It is scary to revisit the past. It can feel as if you are back in the moment, experiencing it all over again. That is when a professional can help you to work through the pain, and to learn how to best deal with it. Everyone works through addiction and trauma differently. How your closest friend experiences things will be different than how you experience them. The benefits of strengthening the skills needed to work through your challenges are immense and lifelong. As you work through your recovery journey, it will be important to tackle these past issues. Without working through your past, you may find it challenging to maintain a sober life because past issues have a habit of coming to the surface when we least expect them to. 


Learning to understand our addiction is a very important part of working through it. Understanding past trauma, our choices, and our thought process can be a huge part of learning how to recover. It can be scary and uncomfortable to learn to dig deeper into ourselves. To look past the surface and truly see our feelings and thoughts can be a big deal. Working with the right professional can make all the difference. Sometimes we need help to understand our trauma and how to best deal with it. The Guest House has many different program options. Call us today to see how we can help you at (855) 483-7800.