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Understanding the Magnitude of Mental Illness

With stigma surrounding mental illness being so prevalent within the United States and around the world, it’s hard to believe that so many people around us experience it. We can’t always easily “see” or recognize mental illness, which may be a large part of the reason why it goes so unnoticed at times. When hearing that someone has a mental illness, many people feel they have to take the person’s word for it – after all, they can’t “see” anything wrong with them, so how can that be possible? Unlike physical conditions such as a broken leg or a severe stage of cancer, mental illnesses occur inside the brain, with only behavioral symptoms revealing what’s underneath. Since mental illness is such as huge concern around the world, it’s about time we truly recognize the magnitude of this issue.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 20% of the world’s children or adolescents have mental disorders or mental health concerns. A 2016 study published in the journal Lancet Psychiatry has listed 5 types of mental illness that occur among the top 20 around the globe:

  1. Major depression (2nd place)
  2. Anxiety disorders (7th place)
  3. Schizophrenia (11th place)
  4. Dysthymia (16th place)
  5. Bipolar disorder (17th place)

With so many people experiencing these disorders around the world, wouldn’t it make sense that we provide more education, more support, and more treatment options for these individuals? Previous studies have shown that not doing so can worsen mental illness, only further exacerbating the problem. Since mental illnesses are the leading cause of disability worldwide, it’s time that we all step up and spread the love.

How can you help? There are many things you can do to support those with mental illness. 1) Volunteer at a local organization, 2) Educate yourself on mental illnesses and respectfully correct those who speak based on stigma, 3) Provide your children with an example of what it means to seek help and practice self-care, 4) And more. Don’t wait any longer to begin making mental health a priority. If everyone takes small steps towards this, we could slowly change the world for the better.

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