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Life in recovery from trauma, addiction, or a related mental health issue, has its ups and downs. Though we rarely like to admit it, there are many mornings we wake up and our first thought upon opening our eyes is something like “Oh, no.” Few optimistic and energetic mornings exist when we are living with anxiety, depression, and facing our feelings head on. Our thoughts and intentions first thing in the morning can define our day. Rather than shame ourselves and start a toxic cycle in the morning for thinking negatively, we can acknowledge and embrace our negative thoughts, then compassionately make a shift toward something more positive. Recovery is a process that lasts from the minute we wake up to the minute we go to sleep, one day to the next. Having a good morning doesn’t mean the day won’t be full of challenges. However, by setting up our morning in a positive, mindful way, we can better prepare ourselves to take on anything that comes our way. We are strong, capable, and courageous.

Try to wake up the same time every day

Weekends are for sleeping in. Friday night we stay up late and Saturday we luxuriate in the gift of not having to answer to an alarm clock. Science has changed its mind on this practice, with research suggesting staying up late and sleeping in makes us more tired. We are encouraged not to hit our snooze buttons too many times- which isn’t a problem when we wake up around the same time every day. Even on the weekends, we can start our day off right by playing by the rules of our internal clock.

Wake up with the sun

Waking up with the sun is one of the most healthy and natural ways to wake up. There are alarm clocks that gradually increase soft light in order to naturally wake you up. Upon awakening, open your blinds or curtains to let the sunlight in. Internally, your brain will take in the sunshine and wake up the rest of your system. Getting up and out of bed to let in the sunshine is a bonus.

Take a deep breath (and drink some water)

Take in the sunshine with a mindful approach and note what is coming up for you. Instead of being instantaneously consumed by your thoughts and feelings, catch a mindful breath to distance yourself from them and look at them more objectively. Approaching yourself with compassion helps you shift from “Oh, no, this is going to be a tough day” to “Today might be a tough day, but I am up for the challenge”.

You can live life with confidence. Everyone has a story before they come to treatment. When you arrive at The Guest House Ocala, you arrive to open, welcoming arms. Our treatment programs are customized concierge style to meet your every unique need in order to heal from trauma, addictions, and other related mental health issues. Call us today for information on life at the estate: 1-855-483-7800