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declining mental healthWe live in a society that glamorizes being busy. We have all heard someone brag about all they accomplished during one day or everything they completed at one time. It puts pressure on all of us to be busy, to go non-stop, and to fill our days from morning to night. The problem with this mentality is that we fail to notice when our mental health begins to suffer. If we notice that our mental health isn’t where it should be, we are simply too busy or do not want to stop what we are doing to take time to focus on ourselves. Learning to stop and listen to your body and mind is critical to maintaining your mental health and well-being. Here are a few warning signs that may indicate that you may need to focus on your mental health.

Being Around Others

Understanding, relating, and being around others is fundamental to our mental health. Feeling connected and having a sense of belonging can directly impact how we face our challenges and work through struggles. If you find a change in wanting to be near others with who you used to connect, you may want to spend time thinking about why that may have changed. Social withdrawal can be a sign of depression.

Excessive Worrying or Irritability

If you notice a change in your level of worry, irritability, or possible thoughts of self-harm, these are all important warning signs that you may be struggling with your mental health. Have you begun to abuse substances or notice new physical ailments that have caused a change in your mental health? Taking notice of these changes can help you better understand and pinpoint if your mental health is declining. A decline in mental health is an important indicator that you may need to practice more self-care or contact a professional for help.

Prioritizing your mental health can be challenging. It may feel as if you have a million other things to do that are more important. But this is very far from the truth. Putting your mental health first is an integral part of your well-being and something you need to learn to work on. Taking the time to notice small changes in your mood or behavior can help you to better understand if your mental health has shifted or if there may be a problem that needs attention. Here at The Guest House, we know that it can be hard to understand what you are feeling or why you feel a certain way. We are here to help you learn more about yourself and gain the skills needed to work through any challenges you may be facing. Call us today to learn more at (855) 483-7800.