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Feeling connected to others is an incredibly important part of the recovery journey. Having a sense of belonging, connection, and equality can help us face our struggles and work through them. Having people around us that we can call when faced with a tough situation or moment of weakness can make all of the difference. However, when you add in mental health struggles or addiction, it can be challenging to make those initial connections and form friendships. Here are a few ideas to consider to meet some new people. 


Volunteering is a wonderful way to form connections and give back at the same time. There is a great chance you will meet other volunteers who have similar interests in a casual setting to get to know one another. Plus, giving back in any way will help you feel good and have a sense of fulfillment. 

Join a Group or Take a Class

What better way to make new connections than a class or a group. Whether it is a class at the local gym or an educational class at the zoo, you will be surrounded by people who may have similar interests as you. Meeting new people can be intimidating and sometimes awkward. When you add in mental health issues or addiction it can make you want to stay home and not try to meet others. Putting yourself out there is a huge step. 

Explore a New Place

Whether you take a vacation out of state or simply explore a local park, there is ample opportunity to meet other people doing the same thing. You will be surprised how easy it is to meet new people when you simply go out and try. If you are nervous, bring a friend or a family member, someone you trust and feel comfortable with. They can help you expand your comfort zone and meet new people. 

Feeling connected to–and equal to–those around us is a really important part of the recovery journey. Oftentimes when we battle addiction or mental health issues, we may not think we are worthy of making new friends or worried that they will not like us. Taking the plunge of putting yourself out there can be scary but it is so worth it. Here at The Guest House we have professionals ready to help you as you journey through your recovery. Call us today to learn more at (855) 483-7800.