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What Are 3 Habits That Are Hard but Necessary to Break for People with Addiction?

Treatment for addiction is not easy. It means giving up some things for a while to have a new life. It means a new life on the other side, but going through detox and rehab means facing things that may be painful. Actively working on recovering means creating new habits and ways of being. Recovery does not happen overnight. It is a lifelong process that gets easier over time. Many people in recovery are hard on themselves and end up relapsing due to pressure. Every day is one step closer to integrating this new life into being. The first thing a person should do is develop good habits that help them break the cycle and move forward in recovery.

Let Go of Shame Around Failure

Addiction creates a lot of challenges for people. It can be extreme in early recovery, leading some people to feel they are not worthy. No matter what the person does, they feel extreme shame about what they have done. Maybe others beat them up about things, too. Failure is part of life, but some people really struggle to release themselves of the stigma once they are in recovery. Learn to develop focus on strengths and positive characteristics to break the cycle of shame in recovery. 

Learning to Cope

Coping mechanisms help people navigate their feelings better in recovery. People often use drugs or drink to deal with negative feelings, trauma, or cope with stress. Rather than seek to do away with negative feelings. It helps to let go of those emotions and find more positive ways of dealing with stressful times. Mind and body exercises help people connect to a holistic approach that lets them develop better strategies for dealing with triggers, cravings, and feelings of shame.


Giving oneself a label is not always a good thing. It can pigeonhole that person into one way of being. Even if it is ‘superior leader,’ it is not always good to give a big label. A label can feel like something to aspire to, but may also become something that is hard to live up to, as well. Going through addiction recovery is an intense process. What is helpful for one is not helpful for another. Learn to find ways of dealing with it that are healthy and healing so as to define who the person is now that did not exist before recovery. Rebuild that definition of self and forget all the other labels.

The Guest House Ocala welcomes people who are struggling with addiction. Our goal is to support your individual recovery. In spite of labels and all the other things, it helps to be around people who understand. We will be here for you. Call us to find out how to get started: 1-855-483-7800