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Panic Attack

Anyone who has experienced a panic attack knows how horrible an experience it is with the intense, debilitating panic that courses through our body. Often we only think about the physical symptoms when describing our panic attacks. However, digging deeper and learning more about our panic can be extremely helpful in understanding what we are really feeling. If we can understand where our panic comes from or is triggered by, we can then work towards healing that trauma and moving forward with our lives in a healthy manner. Here are a few tips to get started on understanding your panic on a deeper level.

Write It Down

You are not always going to be with a professional. If you start to experience panic, try to write down the details. What were you doing when it began, how long did it last, where were you located and who were you with. Writing down basic information can help to illuminate any patterns. Maybe your intense panic always begins when you are with certain people, or in a certain place. Writing this information down can help you and your professional analyze the information and focus on certain areas. 

Dig Deep

Often our intense and extreme panic stems from past unresolved trauma. When we have unresolved trauma, the energy can still reside within our being. Small things can then trigger that energy and cause a panic attack. Many times when we have a panic attack, there is no imminent danger. Working with a professional can help you better understand what the triggers may be stemming from. Once we understand our trauma, we can learn to work through it in a healthy manner.

Understanding our panic attacks is a process. It takes time to dig deep and determine where our past trauma is that may be triggering our panic. Working with a professional can make a huge difference in fully understanding our issues. Every single person is affected differently by situations. What affects another person severely may not affect you at all. By digging deeper, we can begin to learn how to live with our panic in a healthy way. The professionals here at The Guest House are ready to help you work through your struggles and learn to live a healthy, happy life not hindered by your panic. To learn more, call us today at (855) 483-7800.