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Thinking of the term “addiction”, we most often think of drugs and alcohol. Using the term “addiction” to describe a relationship between a person and a behavior or a non-chemical substance is controversial. Science has not been able to fully back the legitimacy of some process addictions which are called addictions. To date, gambling addiction is the only “addiction” of all process addictions listed in the DSM, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Some of the most popular stories of 2016-2017 included controversy and debate over the validity of “sex addiction”. Scientists determined that the current evidence does not exist to call sex addiction a true addiction. Rather, sex addiction can be referred to as “sexual compulsive behavioral disorder” because that more accurately depicts what happens in the brain.

Regardless of science’s semantics and definitions, what people experience in various process addictions is nothing short of life altering. Addiction itself has many different definitions some specific to substance addiction and others more broad, which is why people claim to be “addicted” to TV shows. To feel that living life normally is completely dependent upon something external to the self is to experience addiction. Process addictions can include sex, pornography, shopping, gambling, overeating, exercise, and more. Any kind of behavioral pattern that becomes routine and addicting can become a process addiction. Instead of becoming addicted to a substance, people become addicted to the behaviors that serve a need in their life. Most often, the root of process addictions are the same as the root of substance addictions: control. Until an addiction becomes completely out of control for the individual who is addicted, they feel as though they have some kind of control over their lives. Control might be over their thoughts, their feelings, their emotions, or circumstances in their lives with which they simply cannot cope.

If you or a loved one is in need of treatment or counseling to deal with a compulsive behavior or process addiction that has gotten out of control, contact the staff at The Guest House and discover a treatment program that can help you gain control of yourself and your life.