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For some individuals who have worked their way through depression, they may never experience it again. However, for many people that may not be the case. Some people may seek therapy to work through depression and symptoms may go away only to come back years later. Everyone is different and will work through depression differently. Understanding your thoughts and feelings can help you to better understand if your depression is heightened and if it may be time to seek help again. Seeking help early can help you continue to work on the skills needed to be able to work through your depression in a healthy manner. Here are a few warning signs that could indicate that your thoughts and feelings have changed and you may be experiencing a depression relapse.

Warning Signs

One sign that your depression has changed may be a change in socialization. Social withdrawal may be a sign that your depression has heightened or that something has changed. Another warning sign may be a loss of interest. You may find that things that you normally enjoy no longer interest you or bring you happiness. Occasional shifts in interest levels are completely normal, but if you are also experiencing general feelings of gloominess or irritability, you may want to think about the overall state of your mental health. Frequent fatigue and changes in sleep routines can also be a sign that something may be affecting your mental health. Sleep is a very important component of being mentally healthy. There are many components that can play into sleeping changes and it may be a good idea to try to look deeper to see if you can determine if it is related to depression. Working on fixing the problem before it turns into a larger problem is key to a successful recovery and feeling like the best version of you. 

Depression can be experienced differently by everyone. Some people may experience it once in their lifetime and never experience it again. Others may experience it multiple times throughout their life. Understanding your thoughts, feelings, and actions will help you to understand if your mental health has changed. Being tuned into your feelings means you may be able to seek help earlier and obtain a better recovery. Here at The Guest House we are ready to help you work through your challenges and become the best version of yourself. Call us today to learn more about all of our different treatment options at (855) 483-7800.