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Now that you have already waved the white flag in surrender to get sober, you may have started wondering what red flags you should look for in your recovery. No matter what happens in life, being prepared for what happens next is critical. This revelation is not intended to be negative in intent but to inform you of what could happen if you let your guard down. The red flags of recovery need to be gauged because, without knowledge of them, you may find yourself close to a relapse

You Stop Going to Meetings

Meetings are an essential part of recovery. Attending meetings keeps you accountable and allows you to seek the solution to addiction. You will also be able to fellowship with others to gain support and encouragement to keep coming back. The number one reason that people say they relapse is that they stopped going to meetings. 

You Get Resentful Easier

Once you start working your recovery program, your resentments will lessen the more you look at them. When you find yourself getting restless, irritable, and discontent again, you should consider that you could get closer to picking up a drink or a drug to cope. Resentment is the number one offender that could lead you straight to relapse before you realize what is happening. 

You Return to Old Behaviors

As much as you have worked hard to stop doing some of the behaviors associated with using drugs and drinking alcohol, once you find yourself backsliding, you may have a cause for concern. Practicing spiritual principles in all your affairs can help you recognize when you are going back to your old ways.  

You Start Isolating

Your addiction wants nothing more than to get you alone. If you allow yourself to stop being around others, you could put yourself in a dangerous situation to let your addiction lead you back to drugs and alcohol. Recovery means surrounding yourself with people who will be there when you feel like being detached from everyone is a good idea.

Before you think you have your recovery under control, just know that your addiction is doing push-ups waiting for you to make a wrong move. Knowledge is power, so the more you understand what can take you out of your sobriety, the better chance you will have to recognize it before it is too late. Keep waving the white flag so that the red flags do not have an opportunity to rise up. 


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