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What Are Some Tips to Be More Optimistic In Rehab and Recovery?

People who struggle in rehab need to find ways to be more optimistic because there are many reasons to not be that way, including past trauma and mental health issues. Anxiety, stress, and worry can be difficult for people in recovery.  Finding ways to be optimistic will help a person feel better about themselves and their journey in life if they are able to find some space to heal.

Brain Shift

It is fun to talk about things that go on in people’s lives, but it is harder to talk about difficult stuff. The hard things that happen to a person. If people want to change the way they think about people and see the world, it takes time to create new pathways. The brain is flexible and malleable. It has the ability to form new connections in the parts of the brain that don’t communicate much. Repetition and new experiences help new thoughts emerge. New ways of thinking are hard because the brain is focused on one area. Many people abandon efforts too soon before noticing a change has stuck and was maintained. An important part of treatment is maintenance where lots of thought and editing goes into storing thoughts and thinking through things. 

Get Rid of Fear

Chronic anxiety tends to involve catastrophic thinking that involves things not working out. People can be living on the edge and have a hard time relaxing. Understanding fear and getting new information about fear is the antidote to fear. Understanding the odds of it happening can put things into perspective right away. In the likelihood of a negative event, people need tools to cope with it, not feel they cannot handle it. 

Be Around Optimists

When practicing optimism, it helps to hear how other optimists explain their stories and events from a certain standpoint. When at a point where it seems to doubt is the biggest factor, it may not be effective. It is like learning a new language. With a basic understanding, it can be helpful to realize that nothing happens overnight. It takes time to learn how to do things. Start with hanging around people who help build optimism and growth. Be surrounded by community and don’t get isolated. Don’t let that have the final say. 

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