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What Are Some Ways Sexual Assault Can Impact a Person?


Sexual assault can impact a person’s overall wellness across several dimensions of health. Sexual assault can be a very traumatic experience, which may lead to a person feeling unsafe in the world. Like any other form of trauma, sexual assault can cause a person to feel on high alert throughout all of their daily activities.

When on high alert, a person’s quality of life is usually diminished, as they generally have lower levels of concentration and focus. Sexual assault, while sharing some of the general characteristics of most traumatic experiences, can create a unique set of problems for the victim.

Sexual assault can occur in many different forms, ranging from verbal harassment to the use of force to engage in sexual activities. Sexual assault can happen to people of any age, background, or gender orientation. Victims of sexual assault may find that they have a difficult time forming romantic connections.

They may have a difficult time trusting others due to past traumas. Victims of sexual assault often need time to recover before feeling comfortable engaging in physical touch, which can affect their ability to form romantic connections. Victims of physical sexual assault, like rape or molestation, may feel betrayed by their own bodies following the assault. They may also suffer from self-esteem issues resulting from the trauma and have a difficult time developing confidence.

Remember to go easy on yourself during the healing process. You may have to take your time and remember that everyone recovers at different rates. What happened was not your fault! Allow yourself time to heal and engage in the process of recovery. You may need to open up to others, which can trigger pain and negative feelings. You may need time to reconnect with your body and mind, following the trauma. Processing your pain will help you to heal from the trauma of sexual assault. Healing will take time, but there is hope for recovery from sexual assault!

Victims of sexual assault often feel that the world is an unsafe place and may feel alone in their pain. They may benefit from spending time in a safe environment with others, who understand the effects of traumatic experiences. The Guest House provides a safe and welcoming environment to survivors of sexual assault and survivors of all traumatic experiences. To speak with our staff about how we can help you, call (855) 483-7800 today.