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What Are Some Ways to Set Healthy Boundaries? 

Boundaries are not fun to discuss. They are even less fun to implement, especially if people are used to breaking boundaries and not honoring them. Boundaries are meant to keep people healthy and negotiate differences of values and opinions in a safe way. Sometimes people negotiate boundaries in relationships, but some things are simply non-negotiable. When a person struggles with setting boundaries, they usually need support to create a better pathway forward. If boundaries are a struggle, here are some things to keep in mind.


Know what the value is to get the greatest reward. To figure out what a person values, they have to know their boundaries. To find value is to understand the most important things to a person, which might include relationships, family, work, self-care, and more. Make a list of these values and start from there to begin working out boundaries


When a person knows what their needs are, they can start piecing together both values and needs to create boundaries. Values determine needs, which also helps make value happen in life. If a person values creativity, they may need less product to be creative. They might need to make more room for it in their life. To know what a person needs is based on their values, which can set the precedent for how people perceive (and receive) boundaries. 

Create a Schedule

With life being so crazy, things can come up at any time. To set aside time for what a person values and needs are important. Intention matters, but so does action. Schedule less of the things that don’t matter as much (non-essentials) and honor personal choices by setting a schedule for what matters the most in this season of life. It may shift down the road, but for now, get set for success by creating room for more yoga (self-care), journaling (creativity), nature walks (exercise), and keep a list. Write down a list of what is most important and start small. It is always possible to work up from there to meet bigger goals but focus on small ones first before reaching too far.

Boundaries are an essential part of recovery. They help people navigate life better, feel healthier, and allow less toxic people, energy, and activities to take focus away from staying clean and sober. When sobriety and staying clean are the focus, people tend to create their boundaries out of that space and allow less of what is not included on that list into their lives. Recovery is about learning how to navigate different parts of life and boundaries are a key component of staying healthy.

The Guest House Ocala can help you set better boundaries in recovery. In treatment, we focus on your individual needs. Our treatment professionals are here to support your journey wherever it takes you, including how to set healthier boundaries. You are not alone. Call us to find out how to get started: 1-855-483-7800