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When we’re struggling with addiction, we can feel disheartened when we’ve come to believe that nothing can make us quit. We know that it has to be our decision to get better, and we might not feel ready to make that decision yet. We might be scared of failing at our recovery. We might be afraid of what sobriety will entail, all of the challenges that will arise, and all the sacrifices we’ll have to make. We might be resistant to making changes in our lives. Our fear can create not only resistance within us but also defiance. We can feel a sense of conviction that we don’t want to quit after all. We can tell ourselves it’s no use, we’ll never get better, so we might as well give up trying. When we’re in this place, of feeling as though we have no way to convince ourselves to get better, sometimes outside forces come into play to push us into action.

Clearly Seeing the Effects of Our Addictions On Our Loved Ones

As addicts, we know firsthand that our addictions impact not only us but everyone around us. Our family members, partners, and friends have suffered from our addictions alongside us. We may have grown used to their trying to convince us to go to rehab. We might feel fed up with their attempts to get us help. Sometimes, though, it hits us that our addictions have been hurting our loved ones, and we’re able to feel their love and concern clearly, often for the first time. We’ve known all along that they care for us, but now we’re seeing with more clarity how much our addictions have been weighing on them. We see more objectively the burdensome toll our illnesses have been taking on them.

Being Motivated Toward Healing and Redemption

These can be painful truths for us to face. We hate that we’re hurting the people we care about. We feel ashamed of ourselves and disappointed in ourselves. We hate the fact that we’re addicts. Sometimes we have this intense realization that we have to recover, not only for our own well-being but also for that of our loved ones. The responsibility we feel for the people we care about can push us to finally take the necessary steps to get better. We want to repair our relationships. We want to feel we’ve gained some redemption in our lives. We want to be forgiven. We want to heal our inner woundedness and rectify the ways in which our wounds have impacted the people in our lives. Sometimes it is our love for the people we care about that can motivate us and push us to get better.

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