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What Can We Learn From Our Recurring Issues?

Many of us struggling with addiction share in common the fact that we tend to experience the same recurring issues again and again, often without being mindful of our patterns or understanding where they’ve come from or what they mean. We find ourselves in the same addictive cycles year after year. We experience similar depressive episodes over and over again. We end up in the same kinds of unhealthy relationships. We have similar financial problems repeatedly. When we develop more mindfulness around our issues and patterns, we can start to connect with ourselves more and get to the heart of what’s really going on within us. What can we learn from our recurring issues?

We manifest from the inside out, meaning our inner thoughts and emotions attract our outer life experiences. The outer world of our reality reflects the inner world of our mental and emotional health. When we look at our recurring issues with honesty, clarity, and transparency, we learn what internal issues we’re still grappling with that are causing us to consistently perpetuate these cycles. When struggling with addiction, we often aren’t clearheaded enough or of sound mind to be able to do this inner work. We have a hard time with self-exploration and introspection because we’re overwhelmed with confusion, stress, anxiety and all the burdensome ramifications of our addictions and mental illnesses. On top of that, we’re dealing with how hard these recurring issues are, how much pain they’re causing us on a daily basis. Once we start to become clearer within ourselves, we begin to be able to follow our intuition much more easily and decipher all the messages our internal guidance system has been providing us all along.

When we look at our issues and find the patterns among them, we usually begin to see certain themes. We attract partners who don’t value us because we don’t value ourselves. We attract financial struggle because we don’t believe we deserve to be successful. We fall into recurring depressions because we’re neglecting our mental health and thinking, feeling and acting in ways that are detrimental to us. We’re unable to achieve sobriety because we’re subconsciously self-sabotaging from years of self-hatred and self-rejection. Our life issues have roots in the ways in which we view ourselves and how we treat ourselves. When we can examine our issues with honesty and vulnerability, we can begin to unpack all of the mental, emotional and behavioral layers of the patterns that have been holding us back.

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