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Deciding to attend a rehabilitation facility to recover from drug and alcohol addiction is one of the best decisions you can make. You may feel overwhelmed with the sacrifices you are making because going to rehab takes a considerable commitment. Still, you will be pleased with the outcome if you open yourself up to the possibilities. Once you accept this gift of life, you may begin pondering what comes next. Before you start overthinking everything having to do with rehab, just get packed with these suggestions on what you should bring with you to treatment, and then go.


Rehabs will not allow you to bring personal items that are distracting to your program, so you will need to check and see what is acceptable and what is not. Clothing displaying drugs or alcohol, or clothing that is too revealing will not be appropriate to wear. You will want to bring comfortable everyday clothes, comfortable shoes, socks, undergarments, a coat, and pajamas. Bring seven days worth of clothes and you should have the ability to wash them on site. 

Personal Items

Bring 30 days worth of toiletries and appropriate beauty products that are alcohol-free. Include items such as deodorant, toothpaste, hair products, comb or brush, feminine hygiene products, lotion, and sunscreen. You may want to ask beforehand about any stipulations in what personal items you can bring. Anything that may get confiscated will most likely be returned to you or whoever drove you to rehab. 


If you are not willing when you come to rehab, you may find that your ability to stay sober will not be easy. You have to go to great lengths to stay sober, which means following the rules on what to bring. Although willingness may seem like something lame to bring with you, you need to understand how important it is to be eager and willing to actively participate in your recovery. No one can make you want to get sober. You have to find that within yourself. 

As you make your way through treatment, you will realize that keeping it simple in rehab will help with your sobriety in the real world. You should take this opportunity for rehab seriously because your life will ultimately depend on it. Instead of thinking that you are going somewhere to rest your nerves, you should think of this process as a life-changing, life-saving blessing that you live one day at a time.   


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