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Mental health and mental illness can be confusing topics to get an understanding of. When you are struggling with your own mental health, getting a grasp on what mental health is can be a struggle of its own. Loving and supporting someone with mental health struggles begs for a deeper understanding.

Millions of people struggle with mental health

Mental illness is no longer considered a rarity. According to Mental Health America, and many other sources, one in five adults have a mental health condition. Most adults will experience mental illness of some kind within their lifetime, either long term or passing. At about 40 million adults in America, mental illness is no longer something that happens to other people. Our neighbors, co-workers, bosses, counter clerks, hostesses, and everyone in between is possibly struggling on some degree with their mental health. Within their lifetime they will experience a mental health condition. At the least, they will know someone else who does.

Mental health struggles don’t necessarily have a diagnosis

Depression is a part of the cycle of grief and does not necessarily become a diagnosable condition. Anxiety is often coupled with stress, though it may not be an anxiety disorder. Panic attacks can happen to everyone, with or without a panic disorder. Trauma and tragedy can result in experiencing symptoms of mental health disorders, without developing a fully diagnosable mental health disorder. When we refer to mental health, we refer to the daily health of the mind for everyone- similar to the way we discuss physical health. Taking care of mental health is not as prioritized as taking care of physical health. Mental health is often seen to only be a concern once a problem has arised.

Undiagnosed mental health conditions is a problem

Undiagnosed mental health conditions can lead to physical health problems, addictions, and other problems. Work loss, productivity loss, employment problems and other issues that come from undiagnosed and untreated mental health conditions. Mental health conditions that go undiagnosed are mental health conditions that go untreated. When there are no treatments for mental health conditions, the symptoms can worsen, sometimes to a potentially fatal degree. Life does not have to be lost on the hand of mental illness. Treatment, help, health, and hope are available to everyone.

The Guest House Ocala is a private residential treatment center offering the highest luxury of clinical concierge style care for recovery from trauma, addictions, and related issues. If you are struggling, there is help available. Don’t give up hope. We believe the light of recovery is found when you start sharing the darkness. You’re not alone.

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