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Many people think taking Adderall is safe. Students take it to focus on homework or studying, and adults may take it for an extra boost for work projects. So often people do not take this drug seriously until they become addicted and it affects their life. If you know someone who may be taking this drug recreationally, here are a few signs that it may be becoming a problem for them.

Changes in Behavior

Adderall has the ability to help people boost their focus. It can also curb appetite, give energy, and increase anxiety. As the drug wears off, the person may become emotional, especially if they have not slept due to the drug. Keeping an eye on these emotions can help determine if the use has turned into an addiction. 

Physical Addiction Symptoms 

Adderall can be very physically addictive. Most people do not think about this aspect when they recreationally take the drug to do their homework or study for a test. However, addiction is a very real possibility and happens to many people. Excessive weight loss is one physical symptom that tends to be noticed by others. Other symptoms include fatigue, difficulty breathing, vision problems, headaches, vomiting, and chest pain. 

Seeking Help

Seeking help from a professional can help the recovery journey. Studying our emotions, our actions, and our behaviors can really help us to better understand ourselves. Adderall is very addictive, but that does not mean recovery is impossible. Working to discover why the drug was chosen, and how emotions connected to that choice, can be a great starting place. Sometimes we fail to understand why we do what we do. Working with a professional can help us to figure out those details and move forward in life. 

Adderall can be a very addictive substance. There can be behavioral changes and physical symptoms. Many find that working with a professional can be very helpful in overcoming this addiction. Understanding what we are feeling, when we feel it, can be challenging. That is when a professional can help us to pinpoint where our feelings are coming from and why we are feeling like we do. The professionals here at The Guest House are ready to help you work through your recovery journey. There are many therapeutic options and we would love to speak with you about which would be best for you. Call us today at (855) 483-7800.